Digital Project Manager


22 Dec 2021


Product Management

Full Time


2 - 5 years

Perrill, an award-winning digital agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is seeking a new Project Manager to manage and execute on key client accounts and projects.

The Project Manager plays a pivotal role in overall client success, managing, tasks, projects, retainers, and internal resources that drives goals and produces positive ROI for our clients. 

The key expectations of the Project Manager are to:

  • Establish clarity of requirements in terms of substance and deadlines
  • Clearly communicate expectations to stakeholders and SME's.
  • Prioritize tasks and internal resources based on business requirements.
  • Monitor task completion status and deadlines
  • Ensure timely completion of tasks
  • Through experience, identify and recommend process and system enhancements to improve effectiveness over time

Key Skills and Competencies

The Project Manager will have 2+ years of experience demonstrating the following:
  • Management Oversight: Projects – consistently follows agreed-upon processes to balance priorities and resolve resource conflicts
    • Successfully manage multiple projects that are running concurrently
    • Lead teams consisting of designers, developers, marketers, and client representatives
    • Organize and manage the timeline and delivery of project tasks
  • Communication– effective listening and communication to ensure team and client success
    • Professional verbal and written communication that reinforces Perrill’s brand
    • Serves as the main point of contact for client and internal stakeholders and advocates for project success
    • Consistently keeps clients informed regarding project status, expectations of client, and potential changes that may arise
    • Clear and timely communication with internal stakeholders regarding client expectations, project deliverables, and timelines
    • Generate agendas, facilitate meetings, document meeting decisions, coordinate action items and clearly identify/communicate all follow-up expectations to the defined functional team members and clients
    • Consistently and timely provides clients with meeting recaps according to standards and systems in place at the time, evaluated by number of recaps sent compared to number of meetings. Recaps also be consistently captured in designated system for use by other Perrill employees.
  • Domain Expertise – Tools, Software and Process: effectively delivers internal and external reports
    • Uses standard systems and processes to provide regular internal and external reporting on project status
    • Successfully uses available project management tools, including Accelo and YouTrack, to track resources and budgets
    • Creates clear and reliable visibility into project status, next steps, and concerns
  • Problem Solving, Analytical Approach - effectively uses data and other feedback to optimize project outcomes
    • Leverages standard tools to proactively identify potential issues, bottlenecks, or gaps
    • Uses appropriate collaboration to effectively address obstacles or issues and proactively finds resolution
    • Adjust project schedules and targets as needed throughout the course of the project

Success Objectives: First 12 Months

Within 30 days, an “A” level Project Manager will be able to:

  • Understand Perrill's systems and processes.
    • Assign tasks and track statuses.
    • Clearly communicate timelines and expectations.
    • Ensure consistent execution of majority of “tasks” with assistance as needed
  • Within the first 60 day
    • Prioritize work based on timeline, urgency, and business impact.
    • Ensure project or retainers are completed within expected timeline.
    • Ensure consistent execution of tasks with limited assistance on a select basis
  • Within the first 90 days
    • Manage client and internal resources effectively.
    • Largely demonstrate consistent and effective execution of tasks with limited to no assistance
  • Within the first 120 days,
    • Ensure project or retainers are completed within expected timeline and scope of work.
  • Demonstrate an ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams consisting of Account Managers, Developers, Designers and Marketers.
  • Demonstrate an ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams consisting of Account Managers, Developers, Designers and Marketers.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to learn and a commitment to continue to grow as a professional.
  • Demonstrate effective working knowledge of full range of Perrill’s digital marketing solutions spanning development and marketing