Email Marketing Specialist

Perrill Marketing

23 Dec 2020




Full Time


The Email Marketing Specialist’s mission is to develop and execute email marketing and marketing automation strategies that drive goals and produce positive ROI for our clients. The key expectations of the Email Marketing Specialist are to:

  • Develop and execute effective email marketing strategies for clients in collaboration with account managers, designers, content writers, and other digital professionals. 
  • Perform day-to-day management of email marketing and marketing automation programs including campaign creation, segmentation, list growth, list health, performance optimization, and more.
  • Analyze email marketing performance to determine opportunities for continuous improvement and develop actionable email marketing reports for client consumption.

The success of the Email Marketing Specialist will be measured by:

  • Ability to drive measurable results that align with client goals
  • Developing and executing email marketing and marketing automation strategies within client retainers
  • Successful collaboration with other marketing professionals

Key Skills and Demonstrated Competencies

The Email Marketing Specialist will have 1-2 years of experience demonstrating the following:

  • Domain Expertise - Subject Matter: demonstrates strong knowledge of email and marketing automation best practices, trends, and news
    • Understands core email tactics related to list growth, delivery times, segmentation, subject lines, CTAs, etc.
    • Stays on top of email marketing and marketing automation news, frequently pursues new knowledge, and presents ideas to the team
    • Tests email marketing concepts, documents results, and is able to recommend strategies for improvement
    • Understands best practices for email copy and creative, and can execute or advise others using the appropriate processes
  • Domain Expertise - Tools: successfully uses a wide range of email marketing and marketing automation platforms and tools
    • Proficient in creating and optimizing email accounts in MailChimp, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Hootsuite, and other tools as needed
    • Understands how to set up CRMs such as HubSpot in accordance with client needs
    • Can create and advise on complex workflows and drip campaigns that drive client goals
  • Problem Solving, Analytical Approach - effectively uses data to inform and apply email marketing strategies
    • Effectively uses data from email marketing platforms, Google Analytics, and other tools to make email marketing insights, develop recommendations, and apply changes that make a positive impact on client goals
    • Can create and synthesize email marketing or marketing automation reports to demonstrate the value of email/automation and the success of a campaign
    • Understands what conversion points need to be tracked and can implement as appropriate 

Success Objectives

  • Within 30 days, an “A” level Email Marketing Specialist will be able to:
    • Manage the email marketing campaigns for 10+ clients
    • Successfully plan email calendars and build emails for delivery
    • Develop measurable email marketing strategies for new and existing clients
  • Within the first 60 days,
    • Will be certified in HubSpot
    • Will be able to work autonomously on email campaigns for enterprise-level clients
    • Will have successfully set up a new email marketing platform with appropriate audiences/segments for a client
  • Within the first 90 days,
    • Will have successfully shown significant improvement in revenue and/or leads from email campaigns
    • Will have communicated these results in a way that demonstrates value directly to clients
  • Within the first 120 days,
    • Will have formulated and executed a complete email marketing strategy for a client
    • Will be able to analyze and synthesize the results of email marketing efforts and determine areas for improvement and shifts in strategy
    • Will have performed a successful HubSpot implementation (CRM or Marketing Tools)
  • Demonstrate an ability to collaborate with marketing teams consisting of account managers, SEO specialists, paid media specialists, and content writers.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to learn and a commitment to continue to grow as an email marketing professional